Marcin Ziomkowski

Marcin Ziomkowski

Lawyer, transaction advisor


Commercial law, company law, civil law, real estate law, analysis of the legal status of real estate, due diligence procedures and preparation of reports on analysis of the legal status of enterprises, issuance of corporate bonds, labour law

Educational and professional qualifications:

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (Master of Laws, 2012).

Foreign languages: English

Professional experience:

Marcin Ziomkowski specializes in civil law with particular emphasis on commercial law and real estate law. Since 2009 he has provided legal advice to individuals and business entities. In his previous professional practice he was responsible, in particular, for giving advice and preparing opinions in the field of commercial law and company law, including the preparation and running of shareholders' meetings, coordination of registration proceedings and other proceedings before courts and administrative authorities, preparation of all types of commercial contracts, real estate transactions, analysis of the legal status of real estate as well as the due diligence procedures of companies. He also works on mergers, divisions and liquidations of commercial companies.

Professional experience of Marcin Ziomkowski includes:

  • legal advice on the operation of partnerships and companies;
  • comprehensive services to companies through the preparation of corporate documentation, in particular: draft resolutions for bodies of company as well as founding acts;
  • preparation of documents for the purpose of issuing corporate bonds and monitoring of the bond portfolio;
  • preparation of legal opinions in the field of commercial law;
  • legal services in the area of legal analysis of real estate;
  • due diligence procedures and preparation of reports on analysis of the legal status of enterprises;
  • providing trainings for employers in the field of labour law, including employee capital plans.

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