Jarosław Grabias

Jarosław Grabias



Civil law, real estate law, cooperative law, intellectual property law, administrative law, Polish science sector law

Educational and professional qualifications:

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (Master of Laws, 2013) as well as the former Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw (Master of Journalism and Social Communication, 2011).

In 2017 he completed an advocate training and passed the advocate final exam organized by the Warsaw Bar Association. Since 2017 he has pursued the profession of an advocate, running his own law practice.

Foreign languages: English

Professional experience:

Jarosław Grabias specialises in civil law, with particular reference to real estate law, administrative law and procedural law.

Jarosław also has several years of experience related to provision of legal advice to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences as well as providing services to housing cooperatives, commercial companies, legal and natural persons.

A large part of his activity consisted of providing legal advice to Poles living abroad, inter alia, in Canada, in the UK, in France, in Sweden as well as in Germany.

For several years he has provided legal services to entities from the field of science, including inter alia, the execution of projects carried out under scientific grants, the establishment of scientific consortia and providing legal advice thereto, process of obtaining rights or granting licences for use of scientific inventions, acquisition of patents and commercialization thereof. 

His experience comprises providing advice to housing cooperatives, in particular drawing up documentation for housing cooperative bodies and support for members of general meetings.

His experience includes not only the provision of services in the area of family and succession law but also issues related to the establishment of commercial companies.

Professional experience of Jarosław Grabias comprises: 

  • provision of advisory and consultancy services in respect of functioning of entities from the field of science;
  • handling of matters related to real estates and regulation of their legal status, including housing issues regarding the title to real estate connected with transformation of perpetual usufruct into ownership, etc.;
  • legal services in respect of intellectual property law, in particular related to copyright law and press law;
  • legal services and day-to-day advice on functioning of housing cooperatives and drawing up documentation related to activity of housing cooperatives;
  • legal consultancy and advisory services in respect of preparation of articles of associations as well as partnership agreements;
  • legal representation of Clients in procedures before common courts, administrative courts, local authorities and bodies as well as in out-of-court settlement negotiations;
  • handling court proceedings related to civil law, with particular reference to issues regarding real estate properties, housing law, family and succession law;
  • advisory and consultancy services to entrepreneurs, including firms from the sector of the automotive market.

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Jarosław Grabias
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