Justyna Ziomkowska

Justyna Ziomkowska



Civil law, real estate law, administrative law, economic law

Educational and professional qualifications:

She graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (Master of Laws, 2012). Member of the Warsaw Bar Association.

Foreign languages: German

Professional experience:

During her professional practice, Justyna has provided legal advisory and consultancy services for natural and legal persons, including in particular issues on real estate law. She has gained experience since 2009, cooperating with law firms. 

Justyna also participated in comprehensive legal advice in the field of construction law. She has extensive experience in conducting affairs for the abolition of joint ownership of multi-apartment buildings. As an associate of a law firm, then as a part of her own professional practice, Justyna has represented Clients in administrative and court proceedings, including those related to the broadly understood reprivatisation.

She provides day-to-day legal services to the Academia Iuris Foundation of Maciej Bednarkiewicz, currently as a lawyer-consultant.

She is a disciplinary ombudsman of the Polish Kennel Club, Kraków Division.

The professional experience of Justyna Ziomkowska includes:

  • legal support for the construction investment process, including in particular proceedings before construction supervision authorities and the conservator of monuments;
  • regulation of the legal status of multi-apartment buildings: tenement houses, housing estates, whose co-owners remained in a co-ownership relationship due to the developer's bankruptcy;
  • provision of comprehensive legal services related to reprivatisation issues, starting with cases regarding the removal of defective reprivatisation decisions from legal circulation, to obtaining monetary compensation for damages which have a causal relationship with defective decree decisions;
  • representation in administrative and court proceedings of natural and legal persons;
  • comprehensive legal advice to entrepreneurs operating in the area of commercial real estate and construction as well as foundations and associations.

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